power of ten

Power of Ten

The Campaign for Trust Early Learners

10 children, 10 partners, 10 donors, 10 families, 10 individuals, 10 corporations, 10 foundations,
10 educators, 10 policy-makers, 10 communities – to the Power of 10.

Trust Early Learners’ Big Ideas:

  • Systemic change only happens with partnership – The Martin Trust Partnership in Education for Early Learners in an intentional name. We are not just a school. We are a movement.
  • Formal Education in America needs to begin at age 3.
  • Early learning, particularly from the ages of 3-5 years, is a critical time of growth — adaptative, cognitive, and executive functioning to language, physical and social development.
  • Early Educators of children ages 3 to 5 are educators.
  • The only way to create a high quality, sustainable, early education system in the United States is to develop a generation of highly paid, highly valued educators of 3 to 5 year olds with the training and resources of those in higher levels of education.
  • Trust Early Learners is committed to delivering a high quality tuition-free early education in the Commonwealth and to be a model for the World.
    With the capacity to serve 80 students each year at TEL we have created an exceptional state of the art learning environment, assembled an experienced and passionate team of educators, and created a program using the Global Early Education framework to model what is possible with philanthropic, private, and government support. Graduates of TEL are prepared for Kindergarten and a lifetime of learning.
    Our school however is not the answer, it is the Model, and it is transferable– Any setting, any anywhere, every child.

    The Power of Ten: Campaign for Trust Early Learners, a $10 Million fundraising and engagement effort which calls for investment in a generation of young children that are smart, capable, creative, curious, kind and deserving of a transformational early education experience because it will change them, and their families.

    We are asking you to sponsor a child or a classroom of children, name spaces, support operations, cover the cost of educator’s on-going adult learning, create an endowment, invest in vulnerable children, impact your neighborhood, provide needed funds for TEL so it becomes a place available to every child.

    TEL is ready for this moment.


    To create the model of accessible, equitable, sustainable, high-quality early education for all young children with a generation of highly-valued and experienced educators.


    National high-quality education begins at the age of three years old.


    Lifelong Learning
    Hard work

    Access & Sustainability

    Marty’s Fund

    To provide students with the support they need to thrive. Your support will help to fund 10 children each year who are living in low-income public housing communities beginning in September 2023.


    Immediate impact for student needs Your giving to the 127Fund allows TEL to replenish classroom and art supplies, offsets weekly music programming and cost to provide healthy snacks and lunch each week.

    Professional Development

    Educators Fund

    Degree completion, advanced learning and skill-building Giving provides the necessary resources to engage educators in interactive and practical online and in=person workshops, courses, and conferences to enhance and develop technical and soft skills.

    Innovation, Research & Evaluation

    Fund TO BE NAMED
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