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Our Program

Children are the heart of our program. At Trust Early Learners, educators plan with intention to embed learning in meaningful and lasting ways.” – Vicki C. Milstein


Trust Early Learners (TEL)
  • 2 years, 9 months – 5 years old
  • Monday – Friday
  • 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Morning Snack & 3-Course Lunch Provided

Trust Early Learners is a place where knowledge and play create the essential conditions for a successful start in a child’s learning, and where social competency and problem solving become enduring strengths. Children attend school in an innovative space filled with literacy, arts and STEM learning, taught by a team of dedicated educators and specialists.

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Trust Early Learners

Makerspace, Sensory Gym, Music etc.

Students at TEL spend time in the School’s Library each week, with our Artist in Residence in the Makerspace, and working on gross motor and sensory activities in the indoor Sensory Gym. Each week a musician visits the classrooms and engages with the children in music and movement. Specialists assist educators in supporting children’s gross and fine motor skills and speech development.
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Culinary Program

Our Culinary Program with Chef Susan – our School’s chef – provides all students with a morning meal and a 3-course lunch daily. Lunch takes place over a 1-hour period and children sit at tables with educators and peers. Children practice pacing and manners using real silverware and dishware. Social interaction and learning, as well as delicious, fresh, and nutritionally balanced food is central to our program.

Meals vary and include cultural and ethnic dishes as may be part of lessons in the classrooms. Chef Susan also engages in lessons with the children about various culinary topics. These have included a spice smelling activity, radish, carrot and pepper tastings, preparing eggs and growing and trying different herbs.