Martin Trust
Partnership in Education
for Early Learners

Trust Early Learners’ mission is to create the model of accessible, equitable, sustainable, high-quality early education for all young children with a generation of highly-valued and experienced early educators.

Trust Early Learners is a place where knowledge and play create the essential conditions for a successful start in a child’s learning, and where social competency and problem solving become enduring strengths. Children attend school in an innovative space filled with literacy, arts and STEM learning, taught by a team of dedicated educators and specialists.

“When this model becomes ubiquitous, students, families, and communities will all benefit.” – Laura B. Trust, Founder

What Makes Us Unique

We welcome all families to enroll in our programs regardless of their address or ability to pay. It is our aspirational goal to someday be tuition-free for all students.
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Trust Early Learners follows the Global Early Education Program, a research model based on enhanced play experiences.

About Enrollment

We are enrolling for our September 2023-2024 TEL school year. (September 2023 – July 2023)
Please complete a Brightwheel form to apply.

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