Martin Trust
Partnership in Education
for Early Learners

Trust Early Learners’ mission is to create the model of accessible, equitable, sustainable, high-quality early education for all young children with a generation of highly-valued and experienced early educators.

What's happening at TEL is working, watch here.

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Trust Early Learners is committed to creating a socially, racially, culturally, economically, religiously and gender diverse community that reflects the world we live in.

We welcome families who understand the value of early education. While we place an emphasis on children who otherwise would not have access, our goal is to serve a diverse group of children. There is no income eligibility requirement to apply. Email us at with any questions about the enrollment process.

“When this model becomes ubiquitous, students, families, and communities will all benefit.” – Laura B. Trust, Founder
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Trust Early Learners follows the Global Early Education Program, a research model based on enhanced play experiences.